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Our Mission is the same:

To have Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) as common place as the stethoscope

CEUS will continue to use the most rigorous standards in the world to promote the safe and efficient use of POCUS

What's new:

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New Online IP submissions* and Online Payments for certificates! Certificates and CME credits will now also be emailed directly to new IPs!

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PLEASE NOTE: The fees for Core Independent Practitioner submissions have increased to $100 per applicant effective November 1, 2015. (Resident fees will increase to $50 per certificate)

New Discussion Forum where you can communicate with your colleagues, get your questions answered and post interesting cases and clips!

New File Download section where CEUS members and IPs can download important files like logbook templates, the examination series and many more documents!

Details about the new Advanced Applications pathway and the upcoming certification streams!

What the future holds:

-Coast-to-coast collaboration and partnerships with key groups and leaders in Canada.

-CEUS Accreditation of residency and fellowship programs.

-CEUS sponsored research initiatives.

-Improving the certification process and examinations series.

-Certification tracks for other specialties including pediatric emergency medicine and nursing applications

-CEUS Blog with RSS feed for your newsreader

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