Welcome to CPOCUS

Our Mission:

To have Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) as common place as the stethoscope.

CPoCUS will continue to use the most rigorous standards in the world to promote the safe and efficient use of POCUS

Please support the society by paying 2017 membership Dues

For the first time since our society's inception in 2001, we will be asking each member to now pay yearly membership dues.

Our website is ready to accept the small yearly charge of $125 for all those are certified with our society (or $25 if you became an IP in 2016 or 2017).

Up until now, we have relied solely on certification fees to support our not-for-profit endeavors. As we update our CORE examination series and introduce the EXPANDED applications certification tracks, additional financial resources will be required to keep our Society and our members on the forefront of safe and efficient PoCUS use.

These funds will also allow the Society to continue to refuse all corporate sponsorships or ties to for-profit groups, and will keep the website free of all advertising.

Active paid membership will entitle you to the following:

  1. Designation as an IP / “member in good standing”
  2. Ability to expand your CORE certification to add Basic Lung 
  3. Opportunity to become certified in the new EXPANDED applications tracks, including the soon to be release Resuscitation certification 
  4. Ability to submit others for CORE and EXPANDED IP status
  5. Access to online CME content, journal clubs and an image / clip database
  6. Access to future maintenance of competency processes
  7. Regular society newsletters and the ability to contribute to the content
  8. Discounted rates for CME events such as workshops and conferences including a discounted rate to attend the World Congress - Ultrasound in Medical Education in Montreal this October 
  9. Ability to utilize the certification examinations
  10. Eligibility to become members and / or chairs of society committees
  11. Eligibility to run for executive board positions during society elections

How to contact CPoCUS

Send an email to admin@ceus.ca

Please note that we get a LOT of emails and it might take up to a week for us to reply.

Many of your questions are answered and accessible on our website.

Natalina DiCredico

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