Frequently Asked Questions

What documentation is required for candidate logbooks?

Printable logbook pages and cover files are available in the downloads section. Optimally, documentation is to be done with patient stickers. If not, a minimum of the first initial, last name, DOB, gender and date of scan must be recorded. Ensure that indeterminate scans (which do not count towards certification) are clearly identified. Certification booklets with only determinate scans are problematic.

Once my scans are complete, what are the next steps to obtain my Core Independent Practitioner (IP) status?

Once all 50 scans are obtained in each domain (more information is available under "About CEUS" tab), the candidate is to undergo a series of three examinations: the written exam, the visual exam and the practical exam. All are to be administered by an Independent Practitioner (IP). Details of Core Examination Series can be found here.

What are the advantages to becoming a Master Instructor?

The Master Instructor is allowed to travel outside their centre to train physicians on CEUS "missions".

What process must be followed to become a Master Instructor?

This process is described here.  

I feel I am already proficient in POCUS. Am I able to challenge the IP process?

The process for challenging the Core IP process is outlined in detail here.

The process to challenge the advanced applications process is still in the developmental stage and the Advanced Application Committee is busy working on how this will work. We hope to have this information available in the Fall of 2015. Thank you for your patience.

What are the requirements to become a CEUS-recognized course?

Please submit to us a detailed description of the course, including machine-student and instructor-student ratios. Include copies of any educational materials, or links to same. This material will be reviewed by the Executive before a decision is taken. Contact

I have recently completed a POCUS course outside of Canada. Am I able to pursue becoming an IP? Or do I have to complete a CEUS-certified introductory course?

We would require that you send us a detailed description of the course, including machine-student and intructor-student ratios. Include copies of any educational materials associated with the course. This material would need to be reviewed before a decision is made. Please contact

I would like to proctor and examine someone for the first time, how do I do this? How do I get the files for giving the Core Exam?

Instructions for new examiners and how to obtain this files is described here. 

How should I document scans in the chart?

If you are a CEUS IP you should document as follows:

The goals of this Documentation Standard are:

  1. To encourage all Core CEUS-trained physicians to use consistent, unambiguous and easily-interpretable nomenclature when describing the results of their studies. Medical record-keeping of all kinds should strive for this. As a new modality is introduced, it is important to have a well-developed language to accompany it. This will ease the introduction of the technique to other emergency physicians and allow for better communication between and among groups.
  2. To clearly acknowledge that the study done is a limited form of ultrasound examination, not to be confused with similar studies done in the Diagnostic Imaging department. The indications used are clearly in the domain of Emergency Medicine and the nomenclature emphasizes this.
  3. To highlight the binary nature of the results obtained with POCUS. Having charting option which limit the possible interpretations will encourage practitioners to stay within the limits of their competence. Since the first aim of POCUS is to never declare a false negative, the recognition of the appropriateness of having indeterminate results is important.

It is therefore recommended that ED U/S exams be documented as follows:

Heart: Negative study: POCUS -  Ø PCE
Positive study: POCUS - + PCE
Aorta: Diameter under 3 cm: POCUS - Ao N
Diameter over 3 cm: POCUS - Ao <>cm
Abdomen: Negative study: POCUS -  Ø FF
Positive study: POCUS - + FF

Any scan which is equivocal, for whatever reason, should be documented as:
<< POCUS - Indet.>>

OB: 2 criteria or less: POCUS - NDIUP
3 criteria: POCUS - IUP
Fetal heart seen: POCUS - LIUP

Note that there is no "Indeterminate" in First Trimester Obstetrical POCUS, since this is included in the "No Definitive Intra-Uterine Pregnancy" category.

If you are not yet certified that we recommend the following:

While you are not a CEUS IP you should document ALL negative scans as "indeterminate".

Postive scans should be confirmed by another test if possible / patient stable.

If unstable patient AND/OR confirmatory tests not available, then inform consultant / accepting physician about your non-certifiied status and treat / act accordingly.

For ALL obstetrics scans document them as NDIUP (no definite intrauterine pregnancy) until certified. This assumes an ectopic until proven otherwise.