Core Examination Series

***Update Jan 2016***

A new set of exams is being finalized for use.  The visual exam has almost all new videos and images.  The written exam is now multiple choice with an 85% mark required to pass.  The practical exam is now a structured, observed exam with detailed checklist.  The new exams should be available for use by March 2016.


After completing the scanning requirements for Core IP status, one must complete the following examinations:

Written Exam:

Must be done closed book. Pass score is 100% (typically no one passes on the first attempt). Errors are marked on the exam but the correct answers are not provided. The exam is then returned to the candidate. The candidate must go and find the right answers themselves. Candidates can write as often as necessary, provided 24 hours passes between each attempt.

Visual Exam:

During this exam, the candidate is asked multi-part questions after being presented with images and video clips. The Visual exam can only be given to one candidate at a time.

Practical Exam:

The purpose of this exam is to ensure that an IP candidate can rapidly detect errors and correct them effectively. During this exam, the examiner scans the model and purposefully makes mistakes which the candidate is expected to recognize and correct (e.g. "you're sweeping too quickly", "the probe is upside down" etc.). If the examiner makes a mistake and the candidate cannot recognize it quickly enough, the candidate will be told what they should have recognized and the examiner will repeat the same mistake on another patient/model. The purpose of the IP-1 process is not only to train people to do POCUS, but also to be able to teach it.

* For those clinicians who practice outside of the emergency department, and may not require competency in all four of the Core POCUS indications, they can apply for a Limited Core Certification. The examination series for these clinicians would be modified to only assess competency in the Core indications for which they are requesting certification.


Advanced Applications Examinations Series

The Advanced Applications Committee is in the final stages of completing these examinations and details will be posted in the Fall of 2015.