Instructions for new Core examiners

The following are essential components of proctoring certification scans and administering the CEUS examination series:

Documentation of scans

Optimally, this is done with patient stickers. If not, a minimum of the first initial, last name, DOB, gender and date of scan must be recorded. Ensure that indeterminate scans (which do not count towards certification) are clearly identified, using revised CEUS Logbook. Certification booklets with only determinate scans are problematic, and can lead to further scans being required.

Files to create CEUS logbooks can be found in the downloads section. 

Written exam

Must be done closed book. Mark errors on the exam but do not provide correct answers, and return to the candidate. The candidate must go and find the right answers themselves. Pass score is 100% (so nobody passes on first attempt). Candidates can write as often as necessary, provided 24 hours passes between each attempt.

Core IPs (when logged into our site) can obtain the CEUS written exam and answer key from the downloads page. 

Visual exam

Can be obtained directly from the CEUS downloads page, after an undertaking to maintain confidentiality of the material has been signed. Please sign and email this file to to gain access to the Core Visual Examination on the downloads page. 

Detailed instructions on how to run the VisEx come with the material. The VisEx can only be given to one candidate at a time.

Practical exam

Core IPs can obtain instructions for this examination ("Teach the teacher" file) directly from the downloads page when they are logged in.  Non-compliance with this exam is the most frequent reason an IP request is rejected.