New Committees

November 19th, 2015

CEUS is now looking for volunteers to form several new committees to expand and improve what we do:

(1) Accreditation Committee - Will be exploring CEUS accreditation of residency training programs in POCUS. 

  • Successful accreditation of a program will allow the program to issues certificates endorsed by CEUS
  • Will allow various programs to coordinate the best way to train residents to become proficient in POCUS, for both emergency medicine training pathways. 
  • The committee will create consensus for minimum requirements for CEUS accreditation 
  • This committee does not currently have a chair 

(2) Competency Committee - Will be examining the ideal manner to deem someone competent in POCUS

  • Evidenced based approach to defining when a clinician is safe and efficient to use POCUS independently. 
  • Will identify various assessment tools used to determine competency 
  • Recommendations from this committee will be used directly by CEUS to refine and improve our certification processes
  • This committee does not currently have a chair 

(3) Research Committee - Coordination of POCUS bases projects nationally and internationally. 

  • Primary goal is to coordinate and stimulate research to answer questions directly related to CEUS mission
  • Work with various groups to broaden current and future projects in all areas of POCUS
  • This committee does not currently have a chair

(4) Allied Health Certification Committee - Develop certification pathways for nurses, paramedics and other non-physicians groups. 

  • First initiative will be to develop and offer CEUS certification for non-physicians using POCUS for IV insertion and bladder scanning
  • Will expand and offer other pathways into the future
  • Chair of this committee is Dr. Stephane Rhein - executive board member. 

(5) Pediatric Emergency Medicine Committee - Develop certification pathways for POCUS use in paediatric emergency medicine. 

  • Develop criteria for Core and Advanced certification tracks specific to acute care pediatrics 
  • This committee does not currently have a chair. 

If you are interested in any of these committees please send a short biography and letter of intent to

Please indicate if you would like to be considered for chair of any of these committees. 

Final decisions on chair and members of each committee will decided by executive board consensus.


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