Challenging the Core Independent Practitioner Certification Process


CEUS is committed to fostering the highest possible standards in the use of point of care
sonography in Canada. As many Canadian physicians will have acquired significant
experience outside of the CEUS ambit, it is desirable to provide a clear and transparent
process whereby this experience can be recognized. The goal of CEUS is to encourage
physicians to achieve a solid level of competency, not to oblige them to follow a rigid
path to that point.

The below codifies the process whereby a CEUS-recognized Master Instructor will
evaluate an applicant. This process can lead to the scanning requirements of the Core CEUS IP
process being reduced or even completely waived. The three Core exams (written, visual and
practical) are never waived.


Step 1: Contact CEUS ( and request an evaluation of prior experience.
This should be accompanied by one-page summary of prior ultrasound experience.

Step 2: The request is evaluated by the CEUS Executive. If the Executive agrees that the
experience listed warrants an opportunity to challenge for Core IP status, this is communicated
to the candidate, as well as to an Assessor selected by CEUS.

Step 3: The Candidate must then organize a one-hour evaluation session, which requires:

a) three female volunteers, aged 20-40, of varying body habitus (roughly BMI 20-
b) a suitable ultrasound system
c) a room in which the exam can take place with minimum disruption.

Step 4: The Candidate contacts the Assessor, and a date and time for the assessment is
agreed upon.

Step 5: The assessment takes place, over a full hour.

Step 6: The Assessor reports confidentially to the CEUS Executive their impression of
the skills of the candidate, as well as a recommendation as to the number of scans the
candidate should be required to complete to achieve CEUS-level proficiency. The
Assessor can also recommend that the candidate be admitted directly to the exams.

Step 7: The Executive reviews the above report, and communicates with the Candidate.

Step 8: The remaining scans and the exams can be administered by any CEUS Core IP.

Step 9: The Core IP administering the Practical Exam ("Teach the Teacher") submits a request
for Core certification to CEUS.