POCUS Courses

CPoCUS does not run or endorse any specific ultrasound course. If you have ANY questions about the courses listed here please contact the course directly

Core Track Eligible Courses

The following courses have been approved by CPoCUS to allow one to enter into the Core Certification training pathway:

Advanced POCUS courses

The following courses may be of interest to a practitioner who is already Core Certified to enhance their skills. 

No advanced courses have been officially approved for Advanced Application training as of yet. This process should be complete in the next few months. 

EDTU Course

The EDTU course run by the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians can be taken as an introductory course sufficient to undergo training to become an Independent Practitioner in the Core track.

However, the post-introductory scans that are performed at this course do not grant one equivalency with CPoCUS Core certification scans nor does the certificate granted at the end of this course equal CPoCUS certification.

For those individuals who have taken EDTU and wish to obtain CPoCUS certification, you have two options:

(1) Have your 50 scans per area proctored by a CPoCUS IP, using a CEUS logbook and then complete our examination series.

(2) Request a Challenge to the CPoCUS Core Certification.

Submission of a POCUS course for CPoCUS approval

Non-CPoCUS courses are approved on a case-by-case basis. Please submit to us a detailed description of the course, including machine-student and intructor-student ratios. Include copies of any educational materials, or links to same.

This can be emailed to admin@cpocus.ca

Please note that a fee may be charged for this review.