For IP Certified Members

1. I have lost my IP certificate. How do I get a new one?

If you were certified after July 31st, 2017, and have paid both your yearly membership dues and certificate processing fee, you will be able to find your certificate (and CME credits) by logging in and selecting the "Downloads" tab at the top of the page. 

If you were certified before July 31st, 2017, please contact us. If your membership dues have been paid for the year, we will create a downloadable certificate for you that can be accessed when you log into our site.

2. I forgot my IP number. Where can I find it?

Your IP number is indicated on your IP certificate. If you have misplaced your IP certificate, please see FAQ#1 above.

3. I am already an Independent Practitioner (IP). How do I add Lung to my CORE certification?

If you were certified without Lung prior to December 31, 2017, then you can add the Lung components (pleural effusion and pneumothorax) to your existing certification in two ways:

(1) If you are not comfortable with pleural effusion and pneumothorax scans, then you can work with an IP who has CORE certification with Lung to collect the required number of proctored scans observed (10). You would then complete the CORE examinations that contain the Lung components (i.e. practical, visual, and written exam modules). Upon passing the exams, your examiner will submit an application for the new IP certificate.


(2) If you are experienced with pleural effusion and pneumothorax scans, you must review the CORE examination elements as it pertains to Lung and then complete the CORE Lung Competency Declaration. This process will add a new certificate that includes Lung to your "Downloads" section of the website. .

4. I am having difficulty paying my membership dues online?

You must be logged in to pay your membership dues. You must use the same email address that you created the account with.

For best results, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari on a desktop or laptop computer to complete this checkout. Do not use an iPad or tablet. Pay your membership dues here.

5. If I currently do not have lung as part of my certification, what are my options for certifying others?

 1. Until the end of the calendar year (Dec 31, 2017), you will still have the option to certify someone in the CORE indications without Lung. After this date, all new IP candidates must complete the CORE certification including Lung and be proctored/examined by instructors who are also certified in Lung. 

2. You can add Lung to your certification by completing one of the two steps outlined above. Once you have obtained CORE certification that includes Lung, you can proctor and examine others wishing to achieve this status. 

6. How do I become a Master Instructor? What are the benefits?

This process is being updated and a new procedure will be available in June 2019. Please email candidate's names to the Executive Administrator.

7. I am a Master Instructor. How do I recommend someone for Master Instructor status?

This process is being updated and a new procedure will be available in June 2019. Please email candidate's names to the Executive Administrator.

8. I would like to proctor and examine someone for the first time, how do I do this?

Please visit our Instructions for new examiners page for details.  

You must log scans in a CPoCUS logbook. 

9. How do I download my 2018 receipts for my tax returns?

Log into your account. Click on “Profile” at the top of the screen. Click on “Order History” at the right of the screen. Your receipts are available here.

10. I paid my dues 10 days before the "grace period" of October 1st, 2018. Do I still have to pay the 2019 dues fee?

To compensate for the transition to an annual dues payment date in 2019, CPoCUS made a generous allowance to accept dues paid 3 months prior to 2019. Additional allowances are not available.

Please note, members dues are essential to support administration of over 100 certification examinations in two languages and two platforms, the CORE curriculum, CME credit validation, awards, monthly newsletters, and annual reports. Thank you for your understanding. 

11. What is the password to access French Written Exam for the CORE IP certification?

CORE IP certified members in good standing can find the password by:

Logging in --> IP exams --> Administer the IP exams --> Step 03 --> the password is here.

12. How can I earn CME credits with CPoCUS?

If you are participating in a CPoCUS approved course, you can earn:

1) Up to 60 Mainpro+ credits from with the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)

2) Up to 72 Section 3 credits with Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC)

If you are teaching a CPoCUS approved course, you can earn:

a) 1 non-certified credit per hour of teaching and/or preparation time from CFPC

b) 2 credits per hour of teaching from RCPSC

If you are administering a CPoCUS certification exam, you can earn:

a) 1 non-certified credit per hour of teaching from CFPC

b) 2 credits per hour of teaching from RCPSC

If you are supervising determinate scans, you can earn:

a) 1 non-certified credit per hour of teaching and/or preparation time from CFPC

b) 2 credits per hour of teaching from RCPSC

Please see our CME Credits webpage for more details.

13. Will I be receiving an official certificate from CPoCUS to submit for CME credits?

The CME credits are specific for each course and dependent on whether your course director has applied for CME credits.
Individual courses are responsible for issuing certificates of completion.
Please contact your course director for more information.
Please see our CME Credits webpage for more details.

14. As course director, can I obtain a course-specific Session ID from CFPC after the course has passed?

According to CFPC, course directors cannot obtain a Session ID for past CORE IP courses. They can only apply for a course-specific Session ID before the course has started.
Note the course-specific Session ID will appear on the CFPC website once the course has been completed.

15. I am a Family Physician with Acute Care CORE IP certification. I am interested in achieving Family Medicine CORE IP certification. How can I achieve this?

To facilitate FM CORE IP certification for Members who already have AC CORE IP certification, please refer to the following guidelines for how to obtain Family Medicine CORE IP:

a) Members who have AC CORE IP with Lung certification:
1. Must complete the FM CORE Written exam. 
2. Do not need to complete the FM CORE Practical or Visual exam. 
3. Do not need to complete an FM CORE introductory course.
4. Do not need to complete the FM CORE determinate scans.

b) Members who have AC CORE IP without Lung certification:
1. Must complete the 20 determinate lung scans (1 lung scan includes both sides of chest)
2. Must complete the lung section of the FM CORE Practical and Visual exam.

16. I have paid for an IP training course, completed the necessary material, and have not received a certificate. I was also not informed about how to receive a certificate from CPoCUS.

This issue arises when there are two CPoCUS accounts and two different email addresses for a single CPoCUS member.

In this case, the IP certificate and email explaining how to receive the certificate was sent to the Members inactive CPoCUS account.

It is essential that Members do not create two CPoCUS accounts with different email addresses!

It is also essential that Examiners use the Member's active CPoCUS account and email address when submitting the IP request!