For IP Candidates

1. How are the new CORE exams different from the old ones?

These exams have been completely re-designed and improved! The written and visual exams are now conducted online. The practical exams have been vastly improved. They are now an objective assessment of the image generation skills every IP should possess.

To find out more, click here.

2. What costs are associated with becoming an IP?

IP candidates first pay a discounted first-year membership fee of $25 and then a one-time Certification fee of $100. Once the Certification fee is paid, the Certificate is issued to the new IP Certified member with their IP number.

Log in and pay your membership dues here.

3. I am having difficulty paying my membership dues online?

You must be logged in to pay your membership dues. For best results, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari on a desktop or laptop computer to complete this checkout. Do not use an iPad or tablet. Pay your membership dues here.

4. I am a very experienced POCUS user. How do I challenge the IP certification process?

The Exception to Certification application form was created to recognize senior clinicians who have acquired significant POCUS experience outside of the CPoCUS IP certification program.

Members with the following criteria can request an Exception to Certification:

  1. Have significant experience in POCUS scanning (average 7 years)
  2. Have completed 80% of the required number of supervised scans in each track module
  3. Have completed a significant number of POCUS courses
  4. Have significant experience teaching POCUS at courses and/or to individuals

If granted an Exception to Certification, members do not need to complete an introductory course or acquire logged scans and can proceed directly to attempt the three certification examinations.

All members must complete the three certification examinations regardless of experience.

Access the Exception to Certification application form relevant to your track here.

5. I am not a physician. Can I achieve IP certification?

Yes. Anyone can become IP certified if they fulfill the requirements of certification. 

6. Where can I get a CPoCUS logbook?

You can download the CPoCUS logbook pages and the logbook cover for CORE Certification here.

7. Entry into the CPoCUS certification process requires candidates to have completed an acceptable introductory course. Which introductory courses meet the CPoCUS criteria?

A list of CPoCUS-approved courses can be found here.

If the course you took is not listed, please contact the Society. Such courses can be approved on a case-by-case basis. An appropriate introductory course must cover the CORE indications and have an adequate amount of bedside scanning time. 

8. How do I find a scanning workshop or an IP certified instructor where I can be certified?

A list of CPoCUS-approved certification scanning workshops can be found here.

CPoCUS is creating a centralized database of IP certified instructors. Please contact the Society and we will do our best to assist you.

9. How do I download payment receipts for my tax returns?

Log into your account. Click on “Profile” at the top of the screen. Click on “Order History” at the right of the screen. Your payment receipts are available here.

10. I paid my dues 10 days before the "grace period" of October 1st, 2018. Do I still have to pay the 2019 dues fee?

To compensate for the transition to an annual dues payment date in 2019, CPoCUS made a generous allowance to accept dues paid 3 months prior to 2019. Additional allowances are not available.

Please note, members dues are essential to support administration of over 100 certification examinations in two languages and two platforms, the CORE curriculum, CME credit validation, awards, monthly newsletters, and annual reports. Thank you for your understanding.

11. How can I earn CME credits with CPoCUS?

If you are taking a CPoCUS approved course, you can earn:

a) Up to 60 certified Mainpro+ credits from CFPC

b) 3 credits per 8 hours of activity; max 24 hours or 72 credits per course from RCPSC.

12. Do scans completed at an EDTU course count towards CORE IP certification requirements?

EDTU scans do not count towards CPoCUS certification requirements because:

a) EDTU instructors are not CPoCUS IP certified
b) EDTU courses do not follow the CPoCUS curriculum thus criteria for a determinate scan may be different than CPoCUS criteria.

13. What is the order of payments associated with IP certification? And why is it important to use only one email address for IP certification?

The IP candidate requires a CPoCUS account prior to writing the Written exam. Creating a CPoCUS account costs $25.  Do not pay more than $25 at this point. 

After the IP candidate successfully completes their IP training (logged scans and 3 exams), their name is submitted to CPoCUS by the course director. It is very important that the IP candidate informs the course director of the email address used to create the CPoCUS account. The use of multiple email addresses will disrupt the certification process.

Once the IP candidate's name is submitted, CPoCUS will automatically send an email with  instructions on how to obtain the IP certificate. There is a one-time certificate fee of $100 that must be paid to initiate the process. NOTE: It may take a 2-3 weeks for CPoCUS to issue the IP certificate. An email from CPoCUS will indicate when the IP certificate is available in the Download tab in the top menu bar.