Rural Independent Practitioner Program (RIPP)

The Rural Independent Practitioner Program (RIPP) offers rural courses for clinicians that find it difficult to achieve CORE IP certification because they work in a rural area, have no one to supervise required scans, and are unable to find coverage when away at an ultrasound course.

RIPP is separate from CPoCUS (CPoCUS does not offer courses).

RIPP courses help achieve CPoCUS IP certification. As with all IP certification courses, you must first complete a CPoCUS-accredited introductory course (browse introductory Courses and Workshops here).

RIPP courses will come to your rural facility and take place over the course of 4 days. Local volunteers will be used as scanning subjects.

RIPP will provide detailed instructions on what you need to host a course. 

If you are interested in having this program come to you, please contact the RIPP Coordinator, Mr. Dalmar Lynds at