“Getting CEUS certified was such a struggle for me that I felt it would never actually be a reality. As a rural doc, I didn’t know many IPs and I couldn't afford to spend an afternoon a week over several weeks travelling to the city to collect my scans. The RIPP program was an intense few days but it was incredibly helpful to have all my scans completed in such a short time period and to have the IP come to my community and teach me using the local ultrasound machine. I would recommend RIPP to all rural docs!”

Dr. Renée Morrisette (Rosthern, SK) 

"Having bedside ultrasound training in our local rural facility was extremely valuable.  In addition to being able to train with minimal time away from my practice, it also let us show our staff, and more importantly our community how valuable bedside ultrasound will be for our small ER.  Volunteers to be scanned were a mix of hospital staff and our own patients; they were often excited that we were bringing this to their small town, which was reinforced by seeing it firsthand.  I would recommend a program like this for physicians from a small centre who are looking to develop their ultrasound skills and simultaneously educate hospital staff and the community at large about what is possible with this tool."

Dr. Mike Barnett (Rosthern, SK)

“Working in a rural facility requires ultrasound skills more than anywhere else. Getting an IP certification as a rural doc can be extremely challenging. Thanks to the RIPP program I was able to achieve this. It is highly recommended.”

Dr. Erik Engelbright (North Battleford, SK)

Drs. Mike Barnett and Reneé Morrisette from Rosthern, SK

Drs. Mike Barnett and Renée Morrisette from Rosthern, SK